Saturday, October 25, 2014

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Radio System

Harley Davidson and Harmon Kardon are two top-of-the-line brands, so you know when they come together to create a motorcycle radio system, it has to be good.  Enter the H-D Advanced Audio System.  This is a merger of the best brand in motorcycles with the best brand in audio for a radio system that is compatible with all Harley Touring models made in 2006 or later, as long as they are radio-equipped.

This radio system can play your CDs whether they have the standard CD format, or MP3s burned onto them.  It also has AM/FM presets so you can save your favorite channels and change them easily while you’re riding.  It also comes equipped with an auxiliary input jack so you can plug in whatever music source you’d like.  The high powered speakers are sure to deliver the music you desire at a level you can hear without a problem.  If you want, you can purchase the optional rear speakers to make sure your passenger doesn’t miss a beat.

The passenger speakers aren’t the only accessory available for this radio system.  For those of us who take frequent long-distance road trips, we understand what a pain it can be to find radio stations every hundred miles as signals come in and fade away.  This is why many of us have invested in XM satellite radio.  The Harley Motorcycle Radio System has an XM satellite radio accessory that can be purchased separately and comes with free activation of XM subscription and 3 months complimentary service.  It mounts right inside your fairing on top of your radio, and your radio will display pertinent information about your current station and song (artist name, song title, and channel info).

If you ride in a group, it’s important to keep in contact with the other members of your group.  This is where a motorcycle CB radio comes in handy.  Another great add-on for the Harley motorcycle radio is an integrated CB radio.  The PTT switch is easy to reach without taking your hands off the handgrip, because it’s mounted right on the handlebar, close to your hand.  The fact that it’s integrated into your radio system is perfect because the CB will automatically mute the radio when transmitting and receiving.  There is also an integrated intercom system for driver to passenger communications.  It’s voice activated and automatically lowers radio volume when in use.

Finally, for exploring new parts of the world on your bike, there’s an available integrated GPS system.  This will provide you with real-time information about your location and how to reach your destination.  It’s displayed on the two-color radio display, so you’re not going to find the pretty maps you might find with a Garmin or Tom-Tom, but the fact that it’s integrated right into your radio is exceptionally convenient.  Your display will show you location, direction, and distance to your next turn, approximate time to your destination,  as well as information about nearby points of interest.  If you miss your turn, your GPS will automatically determine a new route to reach your destination.

The Harley Davidson Motorcycle Radio System is a fully functional radio system on its own.  If you add on all the available accessories, you’re going to be hard-pressed to find a finer, more integrated solution to all of your motorcycle touring needs.  If you own a Touring Harley made in ’06 or later, this is absolutely your best option for a motorcycle radio.

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