Saturday, October 25, 2014

You finally have the motorcycle you have dreamed of, and now you are trying to figure out what additions you can make to your ride to make it the best it can be.  You no longer have to compromise style with for sound, with new lines of quality motorcycle radio systems that are both compact and loud enough to be heard over your powerful motor.  When choosing a motorcycle radio, there are important features you must look for in each model to make sure they will be worth your hard-earned money.

Because the interior of your motorcycle is technically speaking the exterior as well, you will need speakers and components that can withstand the elements of weather.  Waterproof radios and speakers are perfect for areas that suffer periods of April showers.  Bigger is not always better for when it comes to the sizes of systems designed for motorized scooter and motorcycles.  DWG is a radio manufacturer that produces the loudest 2-inch bullet motorcycle speakers on the market today.  These after market speakers are enabled to connect to your iPod, iPhone, mp3 player, and have everything you need to add tunes to any 12V connection.  Including a 100w mini amplifier, and a kill switch for volume control, this affordable system will truly add some kick to your push.

Another great investment for your motorcycle is the Dock ‘N’ Rock Audio System.  This includes a docking station to use with all mobile audio devices and GPS navigation systems along with two motorcycle speakers, wiring harness, and components.  It requires little time for installation, which allows for more time rocking to your favorite tunes via your iPod or mp3 players.  This is an all in one amplified motorcycle speaker system will fit several bikes and offers secure integration.  With Kapton 1-inch voice coils, the sound cannot be beat.

For those of you looking for worldwide access to music, consider purchasing a motorcycle satellite radio.  You will need an XM Sirius radio installation mount that is compatible with your bike.  You will no longer get tired of the same old radio stations playing the same old music.  A great alternative to wearable XM units is the Premier Cycle Accessories universal radio mount that works with several different receivers and does limit you to one specific provider.  With an intelligent design, either you can mount the unit on the left handle clutch reservoir or the right handle brake reservoir.

So put on your helmet, get some gas, and ride the highway to a clear and crisp beat.  No matter if you have your own downloaded mp3′s, or you want the option of tuning into thousands of different stations, there are motorcycle radio accessories that will provide the ultimate audio experience on the road.

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